Packing Service & Removals in Reading - Newbury & Berkshire

 Full Packing & Removals

Our full packing and removals service means you can literally climb out of bed, get dressed and leave the rest to us! we pack and wrap every item, including glassware and china which are individually wrapped in sheets of paper, once wrapped we place everything into labelled boxes, kitchen, bedroom 1,2,3 etc, then furniture, sideboards, wardrobes, TV's all get wrapped in blankets or foam/bubble wrap then plastic wrapped to keep them tightly wrapped and secure during lifting and transportation. Once packed and sorted we commence the loading, larger homes must be "packed" and sometimes part loaded the day prior to the move, this ensures we are out of the house by 11am the day of the move, however we are able to "pack & move" a standard 3 bed house all in one morning using 6 professional crew! Costs for the "full packing service" prices start at £300 with the extra needed to be added for the "Removals".

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